Neptune Series™ Reservoir Sneek Peak

This is one of our first ever design drawings of the 2 Liter and 4 Liter reservoirs for our Neptune Series water filter system (launching soon).

Since then, we’ve made some changes, added some amazing features, and finalized the design - let’s talk about them!

1. We set out to design a gravity fed filtration system that is packable/lightweight, super durable, and included innovative features. We tested basically every filter setup available, read hundreds of reviews, and designed one system to rule them all.

2. A Gravity fed design is superior for many reasons...pumping is laborious and can be slow - who has the time for that? We’ve got sh*t to do! Sipping water from a straw directly from a water source is OK for immediate thirst quenching, but what happens when your camp is nowhere near a water source? Are you really gonna hike a mile every time you need to brush your teeth or make coffee? Chemical treatments are great, but filters are superior when it comes to removing particles, silt, sand, and improving flavor. 

3. We recognized there are key features missing from the top selling products in the marketplace, and consumers are demanding solutions to common problems with the available gravity fed filter systems. Those demands aren’t being met until now.

Let’s break down some key features we designed into our reservoirs!

1. Our Neptune Series filter system essentially is a “dirty” reservoir, the filter, and a “clean” reservoir, with tubing and accessories. We decided on 1.0L, 2.0L, and 4.0L capacity versions of the system to meet the needs of both soloists and groups. 2 & 4 liter reservoirs are made of TPU (super durable taste free plastic) and have quick disconnect ports that are compatible with all the top brands. 1.0L reservoirs are made from a combination of materials that well cover later (stock around for that).

2. Each capacity option has a specific purpose - 1.0L is made for individuals, 2.0L is a great middle ground, and 4.0L is a fantastic basecamp workhorse.

3. The 2.0L “clean” reservoir also doubles as a hydration bladder - it comes with a drinking tube and bite valve, and can be refilled with filtered water from your dirty reservoir without removing it from your pack. Or, you can use it as a stand-alone gravity filter system!

4. The 4.0L “clean” reservoir features an additional quick disconnect port - what is it for? At base camp, it’s not very practical to have filtered water in a reservoir connected to your system, so we added an additional port and special accessory to quickly access the water. You can grab quick blasts of water for coffee/cooking/brushing teeth without disconnecting a single tube!


Other features we added:

1. Our 2 & 4L reservoirs use a sliding retainer closure piece that is easy to use, and completely seals the reservoir from the top. It's easy to close with cold hands, and you can still filter with confidence if you need to lay a reservoir on its side. The openings at the top are wide, so they’re easy to clean and dry. They can also be pinched to open, so you can refill without even getting your hands wet. 

2. The reservoirs hang from metal reinforced holes stamped into the TPU material - no more ripping/tearing in the field, we’ve got your back.


We’ll be back soon to share more details - our Neptune Series is in production as we speak and will launch soon. Stick around for more detailed posts about the system. It’s the most durable, feature rich, affordable, and robust backcountry gravity fed water filter system available (soon).

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