Neptune™ Series 36" 

Drinking Tube


Refilling a hydration backpack can be a pain. You need to unpack your gear, pull out your bladder, fill without spilling, and wrestle everything back in. This 36” drinking tube enables you to fill your bladder without ever removing it from your pack. A quick-disconnect port clips into your filter or clean water source for hassle-free refills.

  • Leak-Proof Sipping. A detachable bite valve snaps in and seals after every sip. Pop on the attached lid when not in use to keep the bite valve clean. Includes flow valve.

  • Drip-Free Disconnection. A quick-disconnect valved coupling prevents water from escaping the lower half of the drinking tube and reservoir when disconnected from the bite valve.

  • Maximum Compatibility. This 36” tube is made for the Neptune Series™ 2.0L system, but it is also compatible with other standard hydration backpacks.

  • Made from safe materials - 100% BPA and PVC free


  • Compatible with most hydration bladders that have quick disconnect ports. 3/8" straight connector not included.

  • TPU drinking tube is durable, kink resistant, long lasting, flexible, and taste-free

  • Included bite valve comes with cap to keep the end clean, and seals tight to prevent leaks

  • Includes inline valved quick disconnect coupling to refill your bladder without removing it from your pack

  • Made from safe materials - 100% BPA and PVC free

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