Neptune Series™  Solo Water Filter System

Neptune Series™ Solo
 Water Filter System


For lone wolves and fuss-free explorers, the Neptune Series™ Solo system provides flexible filtration on-the-go. Forget the straps, clips, and tubing; this streamlined device is made to keep moving. Got a minute? That’s all it takes to filter and fill your 1.0L Tellus™ bottle – so you can drink up and get back out there.

What's Included:

• Water Filter

• 1.0L Tellus™ Bottles (2)

• Spare Pre-filters (5)


  • Streamlined Filtration. Perfect for day trips or solo excursions, your Tellus™ water bottles team up to create a standalone filtration device. This streamlined system filters without any tubing, clamps, or hanging straps – and rolls up without a trace.

  • Good in a Bind. Your Solo system is there when you need it and “where?” when you don’t. We’ve attached elastic bands to keep your bottles rolled up tight when not in use.

  • Lightweight, Heavy-Duty. The ultra-light collapsible design saves precious pack space, while durable PET material holds up under pressure.

  • The Good Stuff. Your Tellus™ bottles are BPA-free, taste-free, freeze-friendly, and tough enough to withstand a little beating on the trail. Did we mention they weigh less than an ounce?

  • Choose Your Adventure. Our modular system adapts to your excursion. Our 1.0L Tellus™, 2.0L, and 4.0L products are 100% interchangeable, so you can switch it up every time you hit the trail.


Tellus™ Bottle:

CAPACITY - 1.0 Liter

DIMENSIONS - 5.5 x 1.5 in.

WEIGHT - 28g / 1oz

MATERIAL - Nylon, Polyethylene (PE), Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)


LIFESPAN - 5000 L / 1320 gal.

FLOW RATE - 1 L/min

WEIGHT - 55 g / 1.94 oz (dry)

DIMENSIONS - 5.5 x 1.5 in.

FILTER MEDIA - Hollow Fiber Membrane

REMOVES:, 99.9999% Bacteria, 99.9% Parasites, 99% Turbidity

MATERIAL - ABS, Polypropylene, Silicone, BPA Free

PORE SIZE - 0.1 Microns

Fast &  Shipping 

Lifetime Warranty

Money-Back Guarantee

Neptune Series™ Filter & Pre-Filter Pack

Our Neptune Series™ filter is built to last. Hollow-membrane filter technology removes parasites, bacteria, and other natural contaminants – and with a 5000L lifespan, it can probably outdrink you.

The Neptune Series™ filter also includes a replaceable pre-filter designed to capture larger particles of sand and dirt and extend the longevity of your filter. 

Includes Two 1.0L Collapsable Tellus™ Water Bottles

Perfect for day trips or solo excursions, your Tellus™ water bottles team up to create a standalone filtration device. This streamlined system filters without any tubing, clamps, or hanging straps – and rolls up without a trace.

Bonus: your Tellus™ bottles are compatible with our 2.0L and 4.0L Neptune Series™ systems for maximum filtration excellence.

Cleaning & First Use

Although our bottles are made from taste-free material, it's always a good idea to wash your bottle out with warm water and soap before first use.

Best cleaning methods:

• Cleaning Tabs

• Baking Soda - Mix 2 TBSP of baking soda per 2 liters of water. Add the mixture to your reservoir, shake it to mix the ingredients, let sit for 30 mins, then rinse/dry thoroughly.

• Soap & Hot Water

• Bleach - Fill your bottle with water, mix in 1 TBSP of bleach per 2L of water. Let sit for 30 mins, then rinse/dry thoroughly.

Drying & Storage

After prolonged use (every 2+ weeks) or before long term storage, it's always best to throughly clean your bottle.

Freezer - Roll up your bottle and store it in the freezer. Rinse with clean water before next use.
Bleach & Store - Clean your bottle with a bleach solution, empty, roll, and store. The leftover bleach will keep your bottle clean and wont harm the bottle material. 

Clean with bleach: Fill your bottle with water, mix in 1 TBSP of bleach per 2L of water. Let sit for 30 mins, then rinse/dry thoroughly.

Do you offer a warranty or money-back guarantee? 

Yes, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee, and a lifetime warranty on all of our products. Material or manufacturer defect? Our 100% lifetime warranty has your back. Lost or beat-up pieces? All Salado Outdoor components are sold separately for easy, affordable replacement. Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you.

What is the Tellus™ bottle made from? Is it BPA free?

The Tellus™ is BPA free.

The bottle is made from 3 materials: PET, PE, and Nylon. Each material serves a purpose, like providing a rigid structure and a taste-free experience.

The outer layer is designed to be printed on, plus it provides the necessary strength for the bottle to stand. The middle Nylon layer provides an oxygen barrier, as well as additional strength. Finally, the inner layer also helps with the bottle strength, but most importantly, it acts as a taste-free food grade lining.

Does the filter need to be cleaned after use? 

We recommend back flushing your filter with a mild bleach solution after use. To back flush, fill a water bottle with clean water (use a 1 Liter SmartWater bottle, collapsible water bag, or any standard water bottle) and screw your filter's "out" side onto the bottle. Squeeze the entire liter of water through your filter. Then, squeeze 1 Liter of clean water through your filter. This process should keep your filter clean, and ready to use for many years to come! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Great Backpacking, Hikers Water Filtering System. Very light weight, less than 2 oz carry solution.

So far I'm very impressed with this setup. Bought the Salado Neptune Series kit on Amazon recently and tested it with our nasty lake water we have here at Indian Lake Ohio. Water filters through this filter system at about 1 liter per minute which is nice and comes crystal clear. Taste clean and refreshing, no remnants of nasty lake algae biomass smells. Love the pre-filter inserts which help reduce required back flushing large particles and helps keeping the filter overall clean. The 1 liter Tellus water bladder fold up bottles are great!

Fast shipping, A+ seller!

I ordered a filter through facebook and it arrived within 2 days via the free shipping option. It was packaged well and includes a manual plus extra round filters that fit into the main filter. Fast shipping, the filter seems like good quality product, I will have to wait to use it but it seems good for now.

Best backpacking water filter PERIOD! And I have tried them all

As an older avid backpacker, I am always looking for a lighter, simpler, more efficient way to enjoy the back-country. For years I have used all the multitude of Sawyer water filters and recent Hydro-Blu filter and they all work well.
The problem with the Sawyer filters is clogging and diminished water flow and the need for couplers to connect to my water bottles. Back-flushing can be a pain requiring a separate Monojet syringe or an inefficient Smartwater bottle tip.
Salado has done an very clever thing in designing a disposable pre-filter to slow down the clogging, and with a removable end-cap back-flushing in rarely needed and has both threads and tubing tip for multiple connection choices.
The Salado "Neptune Series" water filter is now my go-to choice for all my backpacking trips from weekenders to weekly trips in the Sierras. IMO the best 20 bucks spent!


I received then but I haven't used them yet. I thank you for sending them in a timely manner.

Excellent Filter

Bought this filter for a short camping trip so me and my wife could have a portable water system during a longer hike that was next to a stream. Worked perfectly and had zero issues. We were able to save a good amount of weight in our day packs not having to carry around bottled water.

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